Wardrobe Suggestions


As with most sessions at YMP, we encourage a soft, organic color palette as we believe neutral tones like cream, grey, blush and soft blues, browns and greens let YOU be the focus of the images instead of what you’re wearing.

Think neutral tones are boring? Not if you emphasize a variety of textures, layers and accessories!

YMP also has a wide selection of maternity/nursing tops, gowns, robes and sweaters for women up to size 20 and dresses for girls up to size 10. (If you plan to utilize our studio wardrobe, please bring  a pair of neutral pants, jeans or leggings to wear with the tops.)

Want to take a look at what we have before you go shopping? Feel free to schedule a consultation at the studio and have a look around. You may just find something you LOVE! 

We have also created a PINTEREST boards for session wardrobe inspiration! Just click HERE to take a look.